Workshops and Lessons


  • Have more insight into thoughts and body language, how they reflect on you and your animal’s relationship.
  • Learn to understand the feel of your horse whilst on and off.

Once you start to understand the animal your life and theirs will never be the same. I know as it happened to me. Connection comes in many ways. This skill, I call “Pure Knowing”, it takes place on many levels, it is truly incredible.


  • Create a Deeper Relationship with your Horse
  • Balance and Connection. Soft Feel to Refinement
    • Learn how to work as an optimum working team.
    • Function and move as a free thinking rider.
    • Enhance your inner awareness, free from pain or anxiety.
    • Re-centre with biochemical alignment.
    • Create an independent seat and learn correct position. (Deep seat with balance and soft feel).
    • Release old habits, create new ones.
    • Learn body language (the Natural Way)

Dates for Workshops: by appointment.


I have been fortunate enough to have Susan treating first of all my horse, and then me. It has been wonderful to see my horse Jade go from stiff, unbalanced and introverted, to playful, fluid and balanced in her movement. As for myself, I had not realised how much an old pelvic fracture had locked up my lower back, the freedom and movement I have through my back and hips now is wonderful and has certainly helped my riding! I had the opportunity to have a lesson with Susan recently, hoping to address the issues with the impulsiveness of my horse on the circle online and also my crippling confidence issues when it came to riding. I couldn’t believe how quickly Susan pinpointed the problem with our circles, and literally within minutes I had a calm, connected circling horse. Susan talked with me through my confidence issues with riding, including some tears! And slowly took me through mounting up, and soon I was riding around for the first time in months, in a brand new environment for both Jade and I – an indoor arena. There was a moment when I thought about getting off, but Susan kept me calm and aboard, teaching me the tools I needed to be safe, a big confidence boost! So much so I was confident enough to ride in the same arena with 8 other horses two days later, a huge achievement for Jade and I (I even felt safe enough to snap a quick pic to remember the occasion!) Susan had given me the tools to use, not only if something went wrong, but to keep Jade calm and connected to me, so I felt safe. My confidence has continued to grow since our lesson, I am riding again, even trekking out on the farm, something I couldn’t even think about before. I’m looking forward to seeing what my next lesson with Susan brings! ~ Anna-Marie Woodcock