©EDENS FEELING GOOD: Performance, nurture, stamina


Horses: 500ml, 200ml (also available in food grade plastic containers)

Herbs traditionally useful in promoting energy performance & stamina. Natural antidepressants can assist in promoting a feeling of uplifting energy levels & happier moods. Positive moods help stimulate healing. Useful when needing extra energy and strength. May have advantages at competitions, after surgery or when low in energy levels. Pick me up & a general feel good. Excellent tonic after competing or racing. Traditional heart herbs for older horses. May help separation anxiety.

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Product Description

Contents: Wild Rose, Borage, Damiana, Yarrow Sage, Gorse Flowers, Violets, Hawthorn, Rosehips. Rich In Sodium, Magnesium and Iron.

  • ©EDENS “Feeling Good” ingredients are F.E.I approved. Please note that any other competing other than F.E.I. must have 72 hours withholding period
  • Herbs not to be used in place of veterinary advice. Always call a vet when needed
  • Do not use on pregnant mares
  • For horses only
  • 20ml daily or 60ml weekly
  • Shake well as contains fresh plant matter
  • ©EDENS Herbs cannot accept responsibility for any problems arising from misuse of ©EDENS products
  • The manufacturer of ©EDENS Locally Grown Herbs warrants the quality of ©EDENS products
  • Expiry date 8 months after opening. Keep in a cool place

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Liquid Measure

200ml, 500ml


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