Susan has had a love and passion for animals from a very young age. Susan became a horse rider and instructor. She has instructed in the South Island of New Zealand and England, and has ridden competitively in all disciplines and reached a very high standard of excellence in the competitive field. She has taken part in show jumping and hunting for North Canterbury and her achievements include being Champion at many shows, including the Christchurch A&P Show, eventing Novice grade and a live in pupil for Florence West where at a very young age she helped start and train young horses (The Natural Way).

Despite a very rewarding lifestyle Susan still felt that something was missing so she studied vet nursing and animal medicine at the holistic college in Christchurch, New Zealand. Susan’s healing work with animals was deeply fulfilling, but it took a close call with death for Susan to really find her niche.

“I was trekking down by the Clarence River on horse back very early one warm summer morning. The sun was shining and there wasn’t another soul for miles. Suddenly my horse was startled by a rising bird and I was thrown off the edge of a bluff. I found myself dangling from the reins above a 50ft drop, at that point, my skittish horse was my only hope. As I looked up at the horse, I amazingly found myself able to communicate with him on ‘another level’ and I promised him that if he saved my life that day I would devote myself to helping animals and people.”

Susan has been fine tuning her ability for over 30 years to help animals as a ConTact C.A.R.E. advanced practitioner, riding instructor and ©Edens Herbals.